PARTNERS ( World Premiere )
United States
2020 Season
Release date:
November 2019
2 hours 40 minutes
Emil Thomas
Emil Thomas
Age restriction:
18 and up
Box Office:
$35.00/ $30.00 /$25.00/ $22.50/ $20.00

Solomon a commercial developer revitalizes dying city hubs and remodels then to prosper in the 21st century technology market. On the eve of his biggest pitch, Solomon returns to his condo as he awaits the arrival of his current partner, Amir to flush out their pitch. Solomon takes a moment for himself, takes a breath and decides to take a shower. Enters Zenobi unannounced , Solomon ex-partner, returning from a self-love-discovering world trip. She takes in the world that is no longer her’s. Before she can escape without being seen, Solomon returns to the living room where the ex-partners meet for the first time and feelings of the past awaken. Before space can be re-establishes between the two the sounds of a semi-auto gun ripples off the roof and the outside world rallies to the call of danger as a Mass Shooter is killing civilians outside of their condo. When the building go into lockdown Solomon and Zenobi are forced to figure out a way to exist in their own shared space as patterns of their past relationship rekindle emotionally, physically and professionally. Partners is a contemporary love story about the challenges of time, space, and the outside world breaching in.